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“I actually never thought I’d be an actress. I always thought I was gonna be a singer because it was always what I did.”

With an extensive background in music, from childhood to graduating from Carnegie Mellon in 2000 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting and Music Theatre, Cote has appeared in many musicals and featured singing on some song tracks. Though, we would like to hear more in the future, here is small sample of that work:

Bronx Casket Co The Musical, (2002/2003)

“Verni’s goth rock music, Lepico’s twisted story and Battle’s eclectic theatrical style combine to create THE BRONX CASKET CO. Ordinary characters meetextraordinary circumstances in this sexy, funny and original take on the traditional vampire tale. Real goth rock with a funky bass line drives the story. The choreography pushes the limits of dance with aerial stunts and martial arts accenting Battle’s technically intensive ballet/hip hop/jazz-fused style. With its Theatrical/rock concert lighting, driving rhythms, laugh out loud look and stunning choreography, THE BRONX CASKET CO. will engage, enthrall and excite its audience.”


“Don’t Believe It Anymore”

“My Angel”

“Vivo En Vida” Roberto Pitre (2007)

“Roberto Pitre’s Latin Jazz group, The Tambo Jazz & Salsa Band was founded by Roberto in 1999. It featured some of the best Latin players on the New York scene. Pitre’s goal for the group has always been to forge a new sound that brings a vitality and freshness to Latin Jazz, combining Panamanian, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Brazilian & Indian music in notable arrangements and creative compositions.”

On his first official release, Cote accompanies him on two songs, “Samba in Prelude” and “Cry Me A River”.



“NCIS: The Official Soundtrack” (2009)

I bet many, many of you loved Cote’s rendition of the Tom Waits’ song “Temptation” on the Season Six premiere of NCIS. “Temptation” came out on Mr. Wait’s 1987 cd ‘Franks Wild Years’ and had quite a different sound thanks to his unique vocalization style.