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Nov 2015
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As many of you already know, Cote is featured singing the song ‘Gracias a La Vida’ in the movie The 33, and now you can buy the song for your very own. Cote has said in interviews before that even with her acting career, she still views herself more as a singer than an actress (not to mention she has also said this song is very personal to her), so let’s support her in her passion and add this wonderful song to our playlists! You can purchase the song on both iTunes and Amazon.


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Nov 2015
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Cote did an interview with Jane McGarry of Good Morning Texas this morning (WFAA 8, Dallas/Ft. Worth), speaking about The 33.

Nov 2015
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Cote has been a very very busy lady this week! She’s been making the rounds with the press to promote the upcoming US premiere of The 33 (November 13th, if you’ve forgotten). Check out the various social media posts she’s been featured in so far this week!

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Nov 2015
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The past August 5, the 32 Chilean miners, and one Bolivian miner, celebrated with their loved ones the fifth anniversary of one of the most famous landslides in the history- The San José Mine collapse, localized in the middle of the desert in Chile, which trapped the 33 miners in 2,040 feet deep in 69 days.

It also will commemorate this anniversary with the release of the thriller entitled ‘The 33’, in which participate the Chilean actress and singer María José de Pablo, whom La Raza met during her visit to Chicago to promote the film.

At the young age of 14, Maria José de Pablo, better known by her stage name Cote de Pablo, and was co-host of the Univision television program ‘Control’, and 20 years later, we see her on the big screen playing Jessica Salgado, the pregnant wife of Alex Vega, one of the 33 miners who were trapped in the mine.

After leaving the protagonist role as Ziva David on ‘NCIS’, the most watched drama on US television, and being an integral part of the cast of the television series for eight years, what was the most fun thing into participate in a movie?

“The irony of life is that in the movie ‘The 33” I’m singing and I have always identified myself more with being a singer than being an actress and the fact I can make a Hollywood movie that is recorded in Chile and is based on a Latin American story of survival and faith. “

Many of your followers haven’t known you are Latina. How do you feel to have the opportunity to play a Chilean woman and give the chance to your ‘fans’ from ‘NCIS’ or the TV series ‘The Dovekeepers’ hear you speak Spanish?

“I am Chilean, I was raised in Chile and I am one of those people who are the face of America today; with a culture and a language other than English, and I feel very proud to be American and live so long here and I’m also completely very Latin American”.

Why it was decided to make the film in English and not in Spanish?

“It was already made it in Chile with Chilean budget and Chilean actors. Not that it’s better or worse, but there is a much larger budget to make an international Hollywood movie with spectacular explosions, and I don’t see it as anything negative because they are telling a Latin American story”.

How did you prepare for the role of Jessica Salgado, wife of a miner who embody the Spanish actor Mario Casas?

“I couldn’t lose even a pound and had the license to eat what I wanted and I gained like 7 or 8 kilos (15 or 17 lb) and I did it because I did not want to be the stereotype of the pregnant woman in Hollywood which looks like a stick”.

¿Did you shared with the miners and their families?

“Yes, many of the miners’ families, to earn a little bit money, worked as ‘extras’ and they are the people you see in the scenes outside, under an amazing sun because we were filming in the summer and was hot in the desert. So anytime we needed some emotional counsel to develop an emotional scene all we had to do was turn around and talk to a person who lived it”.

What you can see in the film that may not be reported in the news?

“The conflict of the people who were on the ground trying to implement all the knowledge they had to get these 33 men and how they failed, but they kept trying”.

Spanish interview HERE

Nov 2015
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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) – Based on the real life story of the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for 69 days, “The 33” hits theaters this Friday.

The movie  stars Antonio Banderas, Naomi Scott, and NCIS’ Cote de Pablo.

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Oct 2015
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The 33 will be featured as a Centerpiece Gala at the 2015 AFI Fest in Los Angeles.


Passes to Ensure Seating Available Now at AFI.com

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, LOS ANGELES, CA, October 19, 2015 — The American Film Institute (AFI) announced today that two more Centerpiece Galas will screen at AFI FEST 2015 presented by Audi.  WHERE TO INVADE NEXT, directed by Michael Moore, will screen on Saturday, November 7 at the Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre at the Egyptian.  THE 33, directed by Patricia Riggen and starring Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, Juliette Binoche, James Brolin, Lou Diamond Phillips, Mario Casas, Juan Pablo Raba, Adriana Barraza, Kate del Castillo, Cote de Pablo, Bob Gunton and Gabriel Byrne, will screen on Monday, November 9 at the TCL Chinese Theatre.


It has not been announced or confirmed whether Cote will attend, but we hope she will!

Oct 2015
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On October 13th, the world will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of the rescue of the Chilean miners from deep within the San José Mine, and The 33, the movie based on the harrowing experience, will be released one month later on November 13th, 2015. Please check out a behind the scenes video on the movie below. You can see Cote at times in the clips from the film, and she speaks shortly around the 1:50 mark.

Sep 2015
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In new TV, radio, and print public service announcements (PSAs) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), actress Cote de Pablo talks about her own brush with cervical cancer.

“I was working, traveling, and enjoying life,” Ms. de Pablo says. “Too much time passed since my last Pap test.  By the time I was tested, things didn’t look too good.”

Ms. de Pablo says that after lots of worrying, the test results came back and there was good news – she did not have cervical cancer. She talks about how this health scare affected not only her, but also her mother.

Urging women to get a Pap test to check for cervical cancer, Ms. de Pablo says, “Please pay attention to your health – for you and the people who care about you.”

The new PSAs, available in English and Spanish, were produced by CDC’s Inside Knowledge: Get the Facts About Gynecologic Cancer campaign. The campaign provides free educational resources for women during September, National Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, and all through the year.

In addition to the PSAs with Ms. de Pablo, Inside Knowledge also has new English and Spanish PSAs that focus on gynecologic cancer symptoms.  Entitled “Are You Listening?”, these PSAs encourage women to learn the warning signs and see a doctor if they have symptoms that persist for two weeks or longer.

The PSAs, as well as behind-the-scenes videos with Ms. de Pablo, and free fact sheets, brochures, and posters can be found at www.cdc.gov/cancer/knowledge.

“I think it is incredibly important to shed light on these particular types of cancers—all women are at risk for them,” Ms. de Pablo explains when discussing her decision to take part in CDC’s Inside Knowledge campaign. “I think women need to know more.  I’m so glad I can do my part to help spread the word.”

The Inside Knowledge: Get the Facts About Gynecologic Cancer campaign is an initiative that supports the Gynecologic Cancer Education and Awareness Act of 2005, or Johanna’s Law, which was unanimously passed by the 109th Congress in 2006, and signed into law in January 2007.