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May 2016
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For those that did not watch the season finale of NCIS, but just want a (very very very) stripped down and quick recap of how Cote/Ziva was represented in the episode…here we go. If you will be watching eventually and don’t want to know, caution: Spoilers Ahead.




Cote de Pablo did not appear in the episode as new footage, just as she had already stated. All appearances were past footage and flashbacks.

Ziva David did not survive the attack on her home in Israel.

Mossad Director Orli Elbaz showed up with the lone survivor of the fire…a child. Ziva and Tony’s child. A daughter named Tali.

The reasoning for Ziva not telling Tony that she was pregnant? She did not want to disrupt his life, but Orli did eventually say that Ziva had come to regret that decision and probably would have soon told Tony.

It is eventually revealed that Ziva had told Tali about her father, by Tali pointing out Ziva as “Ima” (mother) and Tony as “Abba” (father) in a photo that Ziva had kept in Tali’s ‘go bag’.

After Kort is killed (of course), Tony makes the decision to leave NCIS, he tells Gibbs (in the basement of Gibbs’ house), that he will be taking Tali to first to Israel for answers and then to Paris because, “Ziva loves Paris.” Not loved, loves, the writers implying an open-endedness to her death either due to Tony being in denial or absolutely believing that she is truly still alive. They really leave it up to the viewers to decide.

There was of course so much more to the episode, and if you are looking for a full recap/review, there are many many out there.

So, with that, I will just be leaving these happy photos that Michael Weatherly tweeted out last night after the episode aired, showing him with Cote de Pablo.



  • Judy lewis
    Posted on May 19, 2016

    I hate that Tony is going off the show. First Zina goes off, I really liked her. She fit in so well with the rest of the crew. Bit, I guess everybody has to move on. I am still very sad over it.

  • Sally Ann Price
    Posted on May 28, 2016

    I miss her on NCIS, but I understand why she left. I do not believe she is dead on NCIS. I know she will be great in her new show Prototype. I hope she does come back to NCIS one day.

  • ian golledge
    Posted on September 06, 2016

    please let ziva be alive and get renited with tony at some point in the new series

  • Sally Ann Price
    Posted on September 06, 2016

    I agree. I hope Ziva is still alive. I know in some articles they mentioned that she had died, but I heard that Gary Glasberg said she can come back anytime. You never know. I hope she is reunited with Tony. They were great together. Maybe she will be at McGee’s wedding with Tony. I know Michael Weatherly has a new series called Bull. It is filmed in New York. Maybe she will also turn up on his new series as a guest star.

  • elena
    Posted on February 11, 2017

    yo sigo esperando que ziva regrese en algun capitulo junto a toni, y como la niña que hace de tali es gemela que tal que ziva se quedo con la otra niña jaj y cuando crezcan se reencuentren y sean muy felices jajaja

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