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Nov 2015
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Cote did a wonderful interview with RogerEbert.com about The 33, her career and even a bit of NCIS. Check out a snippet below:

The unbelievable true story of 33 Chilean miners who survived in a collapsed mine for 69 days gets a Hollywood telling in directorPatricia Riggen’s “The 33,” opening this Friday. Antonio Banderasstars as designated leader Mario Sepúlveda, who helped the men ration their food and stay focused during their time trapped in darkness and sweltering temperatures. He joins Lou Diamond Phillips, Mario Casas, Juan Pablo Raba, and Oscar Nuñez in their recreation of the time a brotherhood was formed under life-threatening circumstances.

Above ground, the world was captivated, and people camped out near the mines to be close to their loved ones. While international efforts were made to properly access the cave (shown here in performances from Rodrigo Santoro and Gabriel Byrne), families and friends waited anxiously for any positive word. Representing those who experienced this emotional roller coaster are the likes of Juliette Binoche (whose brother is played by Raba) and Cote de Pablo, playing the pregnant wife of Casas’ miner Álex Vega.

The Chilean-born actress graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in musical theater, and five years later was cast in “NCIS” to play character Ziva David, joining an ensemble that created what’s regarded as the world’s most-watched TV drama. De Pablo spent eight years working on the series, and now appears in her first big studio film project, “The 33,” which brought her back to Chile for on-location shooting in the nation’s Atacama Desert.

RogerEbert.com sat down with de Pablo to talk about her experience making “The 33” with Riggen, how working on the tight shooting schedule of TV prepared her for an emotionally concentrated film role, her perspective on talented women in Hollywood, and much more.

Did you follow these events closely as they were happening? What was your own personal experience with them? 

I’m Chilean, so it really hit close to home. I was working really crazy hours—episodicals are not an easy thing to do—and I think I was home when the first [miners] were coming out, I think it was nighttime, if I’m not mistaken. So it went from nighttime to morning because it took a long time. So I saw the first, the second and the third [miners] come out and I remember I was just a mess! It was an incredible thing, and the world was glued.

When filming the scenes with the family camps and then the miners, how did that work schedule-wise? 

They were shot as two different entities. Meaning, the things that were shot in the cave were shot the first two months in the movie, were shot in Colombia, and that’s all the men, only. So when I talk about “The 33,” I sort of talk about two different movies. There was a movie that was shot in the cave, and that happened in Colombia. And there was a movie that was shot in Chile, and that happened with all of the people above the line. By the time that the men got to Chile, they were pretty much done with their movie, certainly. And then they had all the stuff that happened when they got out, and when they were rescued, and going into the mine. But all the mine stuff was shot in Colombia. And they were actually put through a rigorous dietary plan, where they had to lose weight. For them, it was a miserable experience. They were on a diet, they were cold all the time having to pretend that they were really hot, they were shooting in Colombia and staying far away from the really hip places, they were lonely and away from their families, they were going through the emotional roller coaster. And you actually see a couple of incredible performances. Lou Diamond Phillips, is to die for. Juan Pablo Raba, he’s to die for! You see some performances that are really gorgeous. Some moments Antonio has are really beautiful. There’s vulnerability in it, and I think a lot of that is Patricia.


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