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Nov 2015
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CHICAGO – When Patricia Riggen, the director of “The 33”, told the actress Cote de Pablo needed her character to sing in the film, the Chilean did not hesitate. The song was part of her training and passion as an artist.

But she hesitated when the Mexican director told what song would be: She had to sing “Thanks to Life” by the Chilean singer Violeta Parra (1917-1967).

“For me it is a very important song. I was asked for a person who I loved very much and died. She asked me to sing this song at the funeral and couldn’t. I swore to the world, to me, I would never sing that song, the song died with her, with my grandmother. I could not get it out of my throat. When Patricia tells me I had to sing it, and  I said, ‘Excuse me, but that song, I don’t touch it’. She said, ‘This is what I need’. And I had to do it, “Cote de Pablo said during her visit to Chicago to promote the film, on November 2.

The interpretation of “Thanks to Life” by Cote de Pablo in “The 33” is a key moment in the film that recounts the journey of the Chilean miners of Atacama, which in 2010 remained 70 days underground before being rescued.

De Pablo plays Jessica Salgado, the wife of one of the miners, Alejandro (Alex) (the Spanish Mario Casas), who in the plot, is expecting her first child.

The song’s scene serves as a union between miners living under the ground waiting to be rescued, and the strength of their families and their wives, on the surface.

“We can divide the movie in two parts, the trapped miners and these women who are moving the press, the politicians, the world, so that they know what happens. The irony is that moment when all hope is lost, there is a person singing “Thanks to life ’. (It is to show) that in the worst moments can’t lose faith. It is not a religious faith is emotional faith. The belief that one can always look at life and thank “she said.

           Connecting to the root

The project of “The 33” De Pablo came just when she said goodbye to “NCIS” (CBS), series with which she triumphed in Hollywood where she played the character of Ziva David for a decade.

“It’s the first project I do after being a decade in the CBS series and being part of an important group of actors I’ve always admired, it was exciting. It’s really thrilling me. It was going back to my country, working first in Chile, a Latin character. It was very cute, I felt so lucky to be part of the project, “she said.

A Latin history, with dialogue in English, “The 33” has international actors such as the Spanish Antonio Banderas; French Juliette Binoche; Irishman Gabriel Byrne; Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro, Colombian Juan Pablo Raba, Americans James Brolin, Lou Diamond Phillips and Mexican Kate del Castillo, Adriana Barraza, Tenoch Huerta and Marco Trevino; this reflects the message of unity that the film has.

“Every time we are joining more, all of them (the players) understand the need heartbreaking stories like this. Such a wonderful movie from any perspective. It speaks of miracles, of faith, to do the impossible, “she added.

“The 33” opens in theaters this November 13th.


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