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May 2016
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For those that did not watch the season finale of NCIS, but just want a (very very very) stripped down and quick recap of how Cote/Ziva was represented in the episode…here we go. If you will be watching eventually and don’t want to know, caution: Spoilers Ahead.

Apr 2016
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Please remember that nothing has been confirmed yet, anything that is out there at this time is merely speculation from the small teasers we’ve been given. I’m just quoting the relevant part of the article, to read the full piece please to go to TVGuide.Com. Please note that there are also spoilers if you have not yet seen this week’s episode of NCIS.   The May 10 episode finds the

Aug 2014
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This Sunday, August 10th, the USA Network is doing another Ziv-A-Thon of Zivafull NCIS episodes! It will be on from 1PM E/2PM C and the following NCIS episodes will be airing (all times listed are Eastern US): 01:00 PM NCIS (ZIV-A-THON) KILL ARI (1) TV-14-L-S-V 02:00 PM NCIS (ZIV-A-THON) KILL ARI (2) TV-14-L-S-V 03:00 PM NCIS (ZIV-A-THON) RECOIL TV-14-D-L-S-V 04:00 PM NCIS (ZIV-A-THON) ALIYAH TV-14-L-V 05:00 PM NCIS (ZIV-A-THON) TRUTH

Apr 2014
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Yesterday there was a rumor that Cote was to have a ‘voice role’ in the upcoming NCIS episode due to a listing on IMDB (while often a good resource, it can be edited and updated much like Wikipedia), so we were hesitant to post anything about it.  Currently, the website CarterMatt.Com is stating that it is most likely a prank. You can read the full article on CarterMatt, but the pertinent

Oct 2013
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Source:TVGuide I think many people were surprised by the lack of Ziva in this two-parter. She didn’t appear at all in the premiere episode. What happened there? Gary Glasberg: We had to really step back and change what this opening was going to be. We didn’t see this coming, and part of the restructuring of this story line included sending Ziva off to Israel and Tony going after her. I

Oct 2013
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Caution, if you have not yet seen NCIS 11×02 this article may contain spoilers.     Source: TVLine.Com When all was said and done (and being watched by 20 million viewers), NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg says he was “very pleased” with how longtime cast member Cote de Pablo‘s final episodes unfolded. That said, therewere wrinkles to be ironed out as he rejiggered his original Season 11 launch plan to accommodate this important goodbye, sprung on him,

Oct 2013
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Ok, as sad as it is, last night the last NCIS episode with Cote aired. On Tuesday, 10/01/2013, the NCIS season 11 episode “Past, Present, and Future” aired. As we reported in several posts before, an era comes to an end and Cote won’t be staring as Ziva David anymore. She brought us 8 fantastic years where we cried, laughed, fought and loved with her. We will miss her very

Oct 2013
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Since we’ve had a few people from outside the US that haven’t yet seen last night’s episode wondering what happened during it, I rounded up some reviews and recaps posted by different entertainment and news sites. These links WILL INCLUDE SPOILERS so if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to be spoiled, click at your own risk. TVFanatic.Com – NCIS Review: Farewell to Ziva BuddyTV.Com – ‘NCIS’ Recap: Ziva