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Mar 2016
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From Deadline.com:

EXCLUSIVE: NCIS alumna Cote de Pablo is nearing a return to series television. I have learned that the fan favorite is in negotiations to play the female lead opposite Jack Davenport in Prototype, Syfy’s sci-fi thriller drama pilot written by Tony Basgallop (24: Live Another Day). It centers on three unlikely cohorts  — two of them played by de Pablo and Davenport — who inadvertently stumble upon an invention that challenges the very nature of quantum physics – a discovery which in turn puts their lives in grave danger.

De Pablo would play Laura Kale, a driven, extremely intelligent mother of two. Excited about a potentially world-changing machine being developed by herself and two partners, she is certain that she is on the brink of something history-making. Propelled by a shot at glory, she is not about to give up despite numerous setbacks.

Oscar nominee Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (Esposados) will direct the pilot and executive produce with Basgallo and Escape Artists Productions (Southpaw). Taylor Latham (Freeheld) will be co-executive producer.

De Pablo’s Ziva David remains one of the most popular characters in the history of NCIS, with de Pablo’s 2013 decision to depart after 8 seasons deeply resonating with the show’s loyal fans who have been hoping for a Ziva return this season to see Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo off. Since NCIS, de Pablo starred on the CBS miniseries The Dovekeepers and had a role in The 33 movie.

De Pablo is repped by Paradigm, Management 360 and Ziffren Brittenham.

Feb 2016
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Though The 33 has been available for rent or purchase through multiple streaming services for a while (Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, etc), it’s finally available for physical purchase on both DVD & Blu-Ray! Check out your favorite retailer to see if they are carrying it, or purchase on Amazon.Com.

Feb 2016
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Jan 2016
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Cote de Pablo has gone back to the stage…well, for one night at least! It was announced that Cote joined the cast of the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s (Babson Park/Boston, MA) “Death and the Maiden” along with Game of Thrones and Netflix’s Narcos’, Pedro Pascal. The performance will be on April 25th, 2016.

Information about the performance:

After the fall of the totalitarian regime in a South American country, a former political prisoner finds herself face-to-face with the man she believes was her captor. Is he guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, or is her paranoia getting the better of her? Featuring Chilean actors Pedro Pascal (HBO’s Game of Thrones and Netflix’s Narcos) and Cote de Pablo (NCIS).

The script-in-hand reading of Death and the Maiden is FREE and open to the public. Seating is limited, so reservations are strongly recommended!

By making a $95 donation you will receive preferred seating at the reading and be invited to attend a special post-show reception with Pedro, Cote, and the cast.


Monday, April 25, 2016 8pm 90 minutes



Sorenson Center for the Arts at Babson College


Need to know:

Run time is approximately 90 minutes with no intermission.

Seating will begin 30 min prior to curtain.

To secure your seats click here.

For further information please visit the website.

It is a part of the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s “Theatre in the Rough” program, which according to their website:

Theatre in the Rough (TITR) debuted in Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s 2013-2014 season. An expansion of CSC’s longstanding American Voices, TITR is a script-in-hand reading series presented without common theatrical elements like sets or costumes. These pared-down reading uniquely engage the audience by immersing them in the immediacy of the text and the actors’ performances, allowing one’s own imagination to take creative flight. Previous readings have featured some of Boston’s best local talent alongside stage/TV/film actors such as Seth Gilliam, Rutina Wesley, Chris Cooper, Jeff Donovan, Paul Rudd, and Anthony Mackie.


Nov 2015
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CHICAGO – When Patricia Riggen, the director of “The 33”, told the actress Cote de Pablo needed her character to sing in the film, the Chilean did not hesitate. The song was part of her training and passion as an artist.

But she hesitated when the Mexican director told what song would be: She had to sing “Thanks to Life” by the Chilean singer Violeta Parra (1917-1967).

“For me it is a very important song. I was asked for a person who I loved very much and died. She asked me to sing this song at the funeral and couldn’t. I swore to the world, to me, I would never sing that song, the song died with her, with my grandmother. I could not get it out of my throat. When Patricia tells me I had to sing it, and  I said, ‘Excuse me, but that song, I don’t touch it’. She said, ‘This is what I need’. And I had to do it, “Cote de Pablo said during her visit to Chicago to promote the film, on November 2.

The interpretation of “Thanks to Life” by Cote de Pablo in “The 33” is a key moment in the film that recounts the journey of the Chilean miners of Atacama, which in 2010 remained 70 days underground before being rescued.

De Pablo plays Jessica Salgado, the wife of one of the miners, Alejandro (Alex) (the Spanish Mario Casas), who in the plot, is expecting her first child.

The song’s scene serves as a union between miners living under the ground waiting to be rescued, and the strength of their families and their wives, on the surface.

“We can divide the movie in two parts, the trapped miners and these women who are moving the press, the politicians, the world, so that they know what happens. The irony is that moment when all hope is lost, there is a person singing “Thanks to life ’. (It is to show) that in the worst moments can’t lose faith. It is not a religious faith is emotional faith. The belief that one can always look at life and thank “she said.

           Connecting to the root

The project of “The 33” De Pablo came just when she said goodbye to “NCIS” (CBS), series with which she triumphed in Hollywood where she played the character of Ziva David for a decade.

“It’s the first project I do after being a decade in the CBS series and being part of an important group of actors I’ve always admired, it was exciting. It’s really thrilling me. It was going back to my country, working first in Chile, a Latin character. It was very cute, I felt so lucky to be part of the project, “she said.

A Latin history, with dialogue in English, “The 33” has international actors such as the Spanish Antonio Banderas; French Juliette Binoche; Irishman Gabriel Byrne; Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro, Colombian Juan Pablo Raba, Americans James Brolin, Lou Diamond Phillips and Mexican Kate del Castillo, Adriana Barraza, Tenoch Huerta and Marco Trevino; this reflects the message of unity that the film has.

“Every time we are joining more, all of them (the players) understand the need heartbreaking stories like this. Such a wonderful movie from any perspective. It speaks of miracles, of faith, to do the impossible, “she added.

“The 33” opens in theaters this November 13th.


Source: HERE

Nov 2015
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Cote, we really hope that year after year you realize what an inspiration you are to so many of us. Thank you for being you we want you to have a very very very very very (x100) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

A note from Admin Crystal:

I wish I were better at expressing how much you mean to me Cote! I may not be very good at organizing special projects to celebrate this special day or even writing long essays or posts to commemorate it, but there have been quite a few days where you have been an absolute inspiration. I admire your strength to follow your own path, the one you knew you needed to take. To be able to not let your dreams get crushed under everyone else’s expectations. There can be a fine line between keeping others happy and making yourself happy as well, but I truly hope that you lean more towards the latter and that you are happy.

Thank you for everything you do and happy birthday.

Nov 2015
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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— Chilean actress Cote de Pablo is best known for her role as former Mossad officer Ziva David in the long-running “N.C.I.S.” TV series. Headed to Broadway to star in the musical “The Mambo Kings” when she booked the role on the popular show, the gorgeous de Pablo revealed in an interview that in addition to acting, she hopes to reignite her musical theater career.

In the new drama “The 33,” de Pablo plays Jessica Salgado, the pregnant wife of trapped Chilean miner Alex Vega (played by Spanish heartthrob Mario Casas). Directed by Patricia Riggen and co-starring Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, Juliette Binoche and Lou Diamond Phillips, the suspenseful drama recounts the real life events that played out in 2010 over a period of more than two months, as rescuers tried to figure out how to rescue the trapped men after the copper and gold mine they were working in collapsed.

De Pablo sings an amazing ballad of hope around a campfire surrounded by many other women who waited 69 days for their men, who did what they could to survive inside the century-old mine, 200 stories below the surface. “The 33” is the gripping film based on that extraordinary event.

Born María José de Pablo Fernández in Santiago, Chile, de Pablo chose a nickname and spelled it Coty until she realized that her new “handle” was then a popular make-up line. A Carnegie Mellon University grad, de Pablo now lives in L.A., but often visits her mother in her native Chile. De Pablo chose the Andaluz Hotel, a classic, Spanish and Native American-style landmark in Albuquerque for an interview.

Q: You started your career in musical theater. Do you miss that and also, would you go back and do a long-running television series again?

De Pablo: I was about to do Broadway (“The Mambo Kings”) right before I got “N.C.I.S.” so it’s something still pending that I want to do. It never ended up going to Broadway. We went to the Golden Gate theater and there were too many things that the musical needed so we took a break then I booked “N.C.I.S.” so I went from my chance of doing a Broadway show into doing the series. I never thought a TV show could last that long but if it was the right material I would do it again. If there can be a balance between being professionally happy, being creatively stimulated and having a personal life, then yes.


Nov 2015
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Cote did a wonderful interview with RogerEbert.com about The 33, her career and even a bit of NCIS. Check out a snippet below:

The unbelievable true story of 33 Chilean miners who survived in a collapsed mine for 69 days gets a Hollywood telling in directorPatricia Riggen’s “The 33,” opening this Friday. Antonio Banderasstars as designated leader Mario Sepúlveda, who helped the men ration their food and stay focused during their time trapped in darkness and sweltering temperatures. He joins Lou Diamond Phillips, Mario Casas, Juan Pablo Raba, and Oscar Nuñez in their recreation of the time a brotherhood was formed under life-threatening circumstances.

Above ground, the world was captivated, and people camped out near the mines to be close to their loved ones. While international efforts were made to properly access the cave (shown here in performances from Rodrigo Santoro and Gabriel Byrne), families and friends waited anxiously for any positive word. Representing those who experienced this emotional roller coaster are the likes of Juliette Binoche (whose brother is played by Raba) and Cote de Pablo, playing the pregnant wife of Casas’ miner Álex Vega.

The Chilean-born actress graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in musical theater, and five years later was cast in “NCIS” to play character Ziva David, joining an ensemble that created what’s regarded as the world’s most-watched TV drama. De Pablo spent eight years working on the series, and now appears in her first big studio film project, “The 33,” which brought her back to Chile for on-location shooting in the nation’s Atacama Desert.

RogerEbert.com sat down with de Pablo to talk about her experience making “The 33” with Riggen, how working on the tight shooting schedule of TV prepared her for an emotionally concentrated film role, her perspective on talented women in Hollywood, and much more.

Did you follow these events closely as they were happening? What was your own personal experience with them? 

I’m Chilean, so it really hit close to home. I was working really crazy hours—episodicals are not an easy thing to do—and I think I was home when the first [miners] were coming out, I think it was nighttime, if I’m not mistaken. So it went from nighttime to morning because it took a long time. So I saw the first, the second and the third [miners] come out and I remember I was just a mess! It was an incredible thing, and the world was glued.

When filming the scenes with the family camps and then the miners, how did that work schedule-wise? 

They were shot as two different entities. Meaning, the things that were shot in the cave were shot the first two months in the movie, were shot in Colombia, and that’s all the men, only. So when I talk about “The 33,” I sort of talk about two different movies. There was a movie that was shot in the cave, and that happened in Colombia. And there was a movie that was shot in Chile, and that happened with all of the people above the line. By the time that the men got to Chile, they were pretty much done with their movie, certainly. And then they had all the stuff that happened when they got out, and when they were rescued, and going into the mine. But all the mine stuff was shot in Colombia. And they were actually put through a rigorous dietary plan, where they had to lose weight. For them, it was a miserable experience. They were on a diet, they were cold all the time having to pretend that they were really hot, they were shooting in Colombia and staying far away from the really hip places, they were lonely and away from their families, they were going through the emotional roller coaster. And you actually see a couple of incredible performances. Lou Diamond Phillips, is to die for. Juan Pablo Raba, he’s to die for! You see some performances that are really gorgeous. Some moments Antonio has are really beautiful. There’s vulnerability in it, and I think a lot of that is Patricia.