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Nov 2015
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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.— Chilean actress Cote de Pablo is best known for her role as former Mossad officer Ziva David in the long-running “N.C.I.S.” TV series. Headed to Broadway to star in the musical “The Mambo Kings” when she booked the role on the popular show, the gorgeous de Pablo revealed in an interview that in addition to acting, she hopes to reignite her musical theater career.

In the new drama “The 33,” de Pablo plays Jessica Salgado, the pregnant wife of trapped Chilean miner Alex Vega (played by Spanish heartthrob Mario Casas). Directed by Patricia Riggen and co-starring Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, Juliette Binoche and Lou Diamond Phillips, the suspenseful drama recounts the real life events that played out in 2010 over a period of more than two months, as rescuers tried to figure out how to rescue the trapped men after the copper and gold mine they were working in collapsed.

De Pablo sings an amazing ballad of hope around a campfire surrounded by many other women who waited 69 days for their men, who did what they could to survive inside the century-old mine, 200 stories below the surface. “The 33” is the gripping film based on that extraordinary event.

Born María José de Pablo Fernández in Santiago, Chile, de Pablo chose a nickname and spelled it Coty until she realized that her new “handle” was then a popular make-up line. A Carnegie Mellon University grad, de Pablo now lives in L.A., but often visits her mother in her native Chile. De Pablo chose the Andaluz Hotel, a classic, Spanish and Native American-style landmark in Albuquerque for an interview.

Q: You started your career in musical theater. Do you miss that and also, would you go back and do a long-running television series again?

De Pablo: I was about to do Broadway (“The Mambo Kings”) right before I got “N.C.I.S.” so it’s something still pending that I want to do. It never ended up going to Broadway. We went to the Golden Gate theater and there were too many things that the musical needed so we took a break then I booked “N.C.I.S.” so I went from my chance of doing a Broadway show into doing the series. I never thought a TV show could last that long but if it was the right material I would do it again. If there can be a balance between being professionally happy, being creatively stimulated and having a personal life, then yes.


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